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Saturday, July 22, 2006


I have been trying hard to chose one word….the word which holds the maximum power, the word which defines the very existence of all the moments…..the word which defines ones thoughts when one goes through those rare moments which define more than the daily schedule of life.

Is it “hope”? When the time is tough….when the road is not smooth….when the sea is rough…… there is one truth in our eyes…. HOPE…..
Or is it “faith”? FAITH in somebody… in some hidden power… in some supernatural truth….faith in God…..
Can it be “love”? LOVE is perhaps the most beautiful world in the lexicon of human mind, but is it the most powerful one too….They say love inspires….love can help one feel the beauty of God’s creation…..very true.
Another word which can be a strong contender is TRUST. It’s never easy to trust someone so much that you forget your complete self and trust the abilities of another person blindly.
How about words like SUCCESS….I guess it is too mundane and relative to possess the power of the earlier words.

Let’s say, you board a flight and a couple of hours after the flight takes off, the captain, expecting turbulence, announces to tie your seat belts. You are used to such situations and lazily tie your seat belt. Suddenly, the flight faces unusual turbulence…..people get nervous…the nervousness…the fear…so evident in their faces….the turbulence increases and the whole flight sways. Even the seasoned flight attendants look confused. The bulkheads vibrate with frightening noises. Oxygen masks drop from the top….anything can happen…..the captain announces that there is nothing to worry….but you know the truth… know the captain is just trying to console you. You bring your hands close… close your eyes….what do you see….how do you feel….what are the pictures that come to your mind….Is it faith in God……is it a hope that you will survive…..or is it the consoling faces of all your near and dear ones….or is it your trust in the pilot’s abilities that helps you to close your eyes, forget what is happening and try to recollect one of those Elvis Presley’s immortal love songs. You can experience all the feelings together….hope, faith, love and trust. These four words are so different, yet they come so close at times of crisis. Which one of the four words will you give the maximum points to help you define your emotion under such a situation.


LeoGirl said...
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Leogirl...this is a real life situation which i faced a few months back and trust me , it is not a bad idea to think about Elvis Presley songs under such circumstances.

Enakshi said...

It is interesting what you wrote...
and since you have been through such an experience, what was the one thought that dominated your mind the most?


Enakshi...thats what I have been trying to figure out....I feel i experienced all of them....

AD said...

Amongst {hope, faith, love, trust}, I feel that "trust" is kind-of a common denominator for the rest of the three words.

In other words, "hope", "faith" and "love" are three different manifestations of "trust" depending on the context (or situation).

BTW...I am not quite sure what do you really mean by "maximum power". The way I see it is that "trust" is the fundamental word in the concerned subset.

In the situation you described, I think I too will come across all the four words but "hope" would dominate all my other feelings.

Let me also take this opportunity to say that I have read quite a few of your posts earlier and some of these were really thought provoking.


I somehow also feel that, given a situation, the following factors could contribute to the dominance equation-
    a. the urge to control the situation
    b. the extent of actual control over the situation

If a > b, hope dominates (i.e., if you can't control things you just hope that they go your way)
If a <= b, trust dominates (i.e., if you can actually wield some or greater control over things your trust will be greater than your hope)

Anonymous said...

great analysis... Ad...great way of combining emotions with logic.....sabya