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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Let me limit this post to stress on the options I faced in Term-2 and the decisions I took. The most important confusion was which of the two option should I chose…the options being ELP and PAEV…….. and time constraints imply that choosing only one of them is a good idea. ELP is Experential Learning Program while PAEV stands for Planning an Entrepreneurial Venture. While ELP requires you to take up a real life industry project and contribute to the firm you have chosen, PAEV is an entrepreneurial course undertaken within ISB. Both the programs extend more than three terms and a serious work can consume quite some time. PAEV is also helpful for people who want to go for start-ups, or even plan to create new division in the existing company. Considering the fact that I have always wanted to create knowledge based start-up in the maritime sector (although I need to work in the industry for years to come to develop that knowledge), I decided to go for the PAEV. An excellent job done in ELP has the potential to get a pre placement offer and an excellent job done in PAEV can get you a chance to go for a real start-up. Whatever be the case, the experience will remain to help when the real thing starts in life later.
The second confusion is on what topic I should go ahead with the PAEV. It has to be based on a consensus with my PAEV group mates, but this should not be a big problem.
The third confusion was whether to apply for exchange studies abroad. But somehow I feel that it will make life too tight and confusing at the end and I decided to remain away from the exchange study idea. But I must admit that it is an excellent opportunity which exposes you to the top business schools all around the world. The list of the schools is huge and the option is tempting. But for some reason, I want to stay this full year in India and enjoy the full flavor of the ISB life.
Apart from this Term-2 did not provide us with any options….it just ruled in whatever way it liked.

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