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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Never did I feel so relaxed in life…..Never in my life did I wait so desperately for something to end. Finally, we are done with Term-2. And that makes us 25% MBAs.
Term-2 was packed with incidents which will be difficult to erase from memory. Assignments, projects, reports…and more than all these, the density of the study material was amongst the highest that I have handled ever in my life. Markstrat and compstrat…..sonites and vodites……real and nominal……decisions and optimization and many more such phrases virtually ruled our lives. In spite of this, the fun part was always there…..F-6 was as great as ever…..SV-1 more glamorous than ever.To arrange the snapshots of the Term-2, I will divide the posts reserved for next few days to deal with my decisions, perceptions and reflections of Term-2.

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