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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Sounds slightly out of topic. What does somebody from the shipping got to do with Infosys?

Well, the more I read articles about this company, its history, its mission, and its vision, I do develop a kind of admiration on the principles on which this company is built. One of the latest articles which I read on Infosys is available on the following link. One reason why I liked it slightly more is perhaps attributed to the fact that it is written by one of my favorite professors.

All companies stress on making profits, but not all companies can create that emotional bonding with its members (read employees). Only when a organization is successful in creating this bond and passion in its employees it reaches a league of its own. When the bosses turn out to be mentors and sources of inspiration, when simple middle class values rule the ideology of the organisation, where simplicity is honored and mutual respect is valued, things have got to work well. All the best Infy for your 25th Birthday.

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