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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Now….. the closing mail from the moments of Term -2 reflections.

One of the sweetest moments from Term-2 was undoubtedly the birthday dinner hosted by A, yes the “A of F-6”. You meet so many people in life. But some of them are so different from others and become a part of your life…. become friends for life. A is one of these people. Something happened after the party which really made me think so hard. The bill of the party crossed the 5 figure mark and when the bill crosses this mark for just 10 odd people this means something. And A was there smiling all the while. He said that he always had the money but never had the friends to give a birthday treat after he joined his job. A worked for an offshore company with a job profile similar to mine.
For a moment, his words took me back to my job life, when life was moving from one place to another and your travel kit was your best friend. Not that I disliked my professional life, but somehow, certain things were completely out of my life. Celebrating birthdays… celebrating Indian festivals…..celebrating the success of old friends..... were not a part of life. The ties with relatives were gradually weakening and people back home were not missing me as much as they used to.
Somehow, the whole episode reminded me to hold on to my decision to stay in India after MBA. I know traveling is something which I love a lot, but a balance needs to be maintained.

Now let’s take a look at the classroom moments.....let me restrict to two amazing individuals of section F....PT and AS.
PT was always there with his highly innovative CPs. For instance, when the case study of a fast food company was in progress and the rest of the class was busy debating the expansion strategy of the company , PT jumped to the arena with his idea –“ In the fast food industry, it is the food which should move fast, not the industry. So we should not believe in expansion.”

AS has this unique ability to link any topic in the world with the oil and gas industry. He worked in the oil and gas industry before joining ISB. Such was the reaction of fellow students when he used to speak, that he finally promised not to mention his industry while taking part in class participation. During one of the lectures, after AS delivered his CP (without a mention of his industry), the professor wanted to know if he worked in the oil and gas industry. It turned out that the professor also worked in the same industry before joining academics and hence could appreciate the beauty of the CP. Poor AS…today he is nicknamed as Mr. Oil and Gas. But, let me admit that AS does possess indepth knowledge of his industry. No wonder, he is also the president of the Energy, Manufacturing and Operations Club.

The list of CPs will never end. Someday I will try to collate them and make a complete post out of it.

But before I end….. a special mention of Professor Zaheer. He is an excellent orator and the fillers he used in his lectures are now a part of Sec. F vocabulary. And I am sure that these fillers will always remain with us and remind of those amazing (whenever I use this word "amazing", a reflexive smile reminds me of H and her CPs....will write about it later) strategy lectures for years to come.
Let me close this post here. All good things in life come to an end and so does the term break. Term-3 will start in a day and ISB will be back into action.

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