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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Finally.....the end is came and it went at a pace which left every soul in the campus completely transformed. I am sure, no one in the campus will ever say - "its too late in the night". With just a couple of days for the end term, I dont feel like writing the same monotonous story that I have been used to write before every term exam begins. However,I must admit that the stress factor has vastly reduced, atleast for me. Perhaps, thats one of the earliest practical and perceptible lessons from ISB. Handling an overdose of stress is a part of life.....feeling the trauma is an everyday story....and living to both, the stress and the trauma is no longer a sorry state of affair.
Finally, I decided to go for PAEV, and not ELP, taking into account my career ambitions. I will come back with the details of ELP and PAEV as the term exams end on Tuesday.


ankur said...

well...if entrepreneurship is your direction...a PaEv will surely hold u good.

all the best for the exams dude...hope u rock them...


Yes Ankur...thats the idea...thanks for the best wishes...hope u r enjoying ur times at ATK.

ankur said...

atk is serving me well...! :)