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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


“Tagging” has been the buzz word in the bloggers world. I was tagged by KayKay. My thoughts…..

I said – so that you can hear.
I want – nothing extra.
I wish – I could sleep 12 hrs a day during this year in ISB.
I miss – my past.
I hear – what you tried to say.
I wonder – what makes me think the way I think.
I regret – nothing till date.
I am – just another guy.
I sing – when I watch others dance.
I dance – tried hard….but no success.
I am not – what I don’t aspire to be.
I write – to relive the experience again.
I hate – when people hate each other.
I confuse – what seems so trivial for others.
I should – learn to be modest and authoritative at the same time.

Now, that its my turn, let me tag – Krishnan, Disha

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