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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Change” defines the very principle of the universe. Everything that has a presence in this universe keeps changing. Nonliving things change and so do living beings. All the people around you and me keep changing. Even our very own interests and passions keeps changing with time. Sometimes the change is real fast….may be a kind of revolution and under such a situation, the change is easily noticeable over the period of time in which it takes place. But most of the times, the change is slow….a kind of evolution that keeps the rate of change so small that it is hardly perceivable over a short period of time.
When life becomes monotonous, the rate of change becomes slow. We see the same people around us, live the same kind of life everyday and think the same set of things in the same periodical manner. Every day is a replica of the previous day.
In contrast, things can really change fast, sometimes because we want it to be that way and sometimes because it has got to be that way. We soon learn to adapt to the fast pace. Each day carries with it a different set of experience and a unique learning experience. Each day introduces us to new people. In other words life becomes really dynamic.

Now, which of the above concepts do you prefer? Think hard before you answer. Often we tend to prefer the second path. I personally will prefer the second path. In fact, life has always been like that for me. But at the end of the day, I keep on wondering….. I know so many people around me, yet how many of them know me as the real person I am. Every day is a learning experience, yet it is this learning experience which slowly and steadily strengthens the façade that I wear over my real self. Am I the same person, I used to be a couple of years back and will I remain the same person after a couple of years from now. Have I lost my original identity in the process of evolution of this constantly changing identity. Is this change for the good? How would life have been, if it had been the other way?

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