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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Just now I completed reading the book "What they dont teach at HBS" by Marck H. McCormack. Mark has done a wonderful job in intertwining Business and Psychology. I really liked most of his ideas and will like to put some of them in this post.

(1) His fear of failure was so strong because his desire of success was so great.
(2) I believe you can learn almost everything you need to know - and more than other people would like you to know - simply by watching and listening, keeping your eyes peeled, your ears open. And your mouth closed.
(3) Nothing blocks insights into other people more than your own ego.
(4) The people who work with someone can provide revealing information about that person.
(5) Though "The Godfather" is fictional, its psychology is real.
(6) If you let them know what you know, you will blow any chance of using your own insight effectively.
(7) If you dont react you will never overreact. You will be the controller than the controllee.
(8) One of the life's biggest frustrations is that people dont do what you want them to do.
(9) Consider doing the opposite of what someone expects. Often, it is remarkably effective.
(10) If you cant do it or dont want to do it, then dont say you will. Dont even say "I will try".
(11) And if you are not going to keep friends, you had better be miles ahead of the competition.
(12) Bad news is seldom as bad as it first sounds.
(13) If you alienate your peers, you wont need any other corporate enemies.
(14) Dont go one on one with the boss. If you win the battle you are probably going to lose the war.
(15) I will often pretend not to know the specifics of a situation just to get the other guy talking.
(16) Find the stars in other companies and make them friends. Ten years from now, they will become your biggest assets.
(17) Sell directly to the key person, and if he likes what you are proposing, he will know best how to sell it in.
(18) In several instances I have fired people without their even knowing. Instead I have found jobs for them and let another company "steal them away".
(19) Learn to say "No" even though it hurts.
(20) The cliche is, " Dont work hard, work smart". The truth is "Work hard, work long, and work smart".


Enakshi said...

Well, Thank You Mr Sabyasachi Mohanty for putting your observation on the blog..It was good to read the same.



Thank you Ms. Enakshi....
Now that we belong to the class of 2007 we can be less formal... So catch u in ISB.. Enakshi