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Monday, February 06, 2006


I woke up to find one of the most beautiful mornings of my life.As I opened the windows, I felt as if I was in fairyland. The first snowfall of the season in the city! But the rest of the day refused to remain so beautiful. Normally I take 10 minutes to drive down to my office. Today, it took almost an hour. The schedule of the inspections (testing of ship machineries) was delayed. And some of the inspections were postponed. So extra work for tomorrow.The roads in the shipyard were too slippery and I had to walk with extra caution. Anyway, the day is over now and I hope tomorrow turns out to be a better day.
So friends, be aware of beautiful things. Beautiful things seldom make a beautiful life.

Have you ever seen snow in your dreams. If yes, then the following (based on the concepts of dream analysers including Freud) might be interesting for you -

1)Seeing snow in your dream: your inhibitions, repressed/unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. You need to release and express these emotions and inhibitions. You may also be feeling indifferent, alone and neglected.
2)Seeing the snow melt: it suggests that you are acknowledging and releasing those emotions you have repressed. You are overcoming your fears and obstacles.
3)Seeing dirty snow in your dream: refers to a loss in innocence, impurity and uncleanness. Some aspect of yourself or situation has been tainted.
4)Dreaming that you are watching the snow fall: represents a clean start and a fresh, new perspective. It is indicative of spiritual peace and tranquility.
5)Dreaming that you are playing in the snow: indicates that you need to set some time for fun and relaxation.
6)Dreaming that you find something in the snow: suggests that you are exploring and accessing your unused potential, abilities, and talents. You have uncovered some hidden talent and ability within yourself.

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