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Saturday, February 25, 2006


It is so nice to meet old friends. And if this friend is the first one from your batch to present you a "bhabiji" and a "bhatiji", then the charm of the visit really enhances to the extent that you really start thinking of sweet things like marriage, family, kids and what not.
Akshita is one of those lovely babies who like to make friends, yet she decided to give some time before joining the senior members (papa, mama and the new uncles) in the fun. But once a friend, always a friend. This eleven-month old baby enjoyed almost everything- from the lunch to the beach. She also made some new Korean friends of her age group.
And as for Rohit and Vasudha, I really admire their patience in the process of raising the baby.I really wonder if I can make a dad as caring and dedicated as Rohit. Anyway, lots and lots of time for that and I really need not worry about all these things. This is indeed the charm of bachelor responsibilities and no tension, only fun.

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