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Monday, February 27, 2006


The ISB R2 results are flowing in now. Looks like the people in ISB too like to follow the dictum "expect the unexpected".
I still remember the 1st week of January, to be precise Jan 6. This was the date when everyone(except the ISB selection committee) expected the result to be out, based on the experience of the previous year. However ISB had other plans in mind and they decided to give the R1 aspirants a really tough time. The results were not declared until the next day evening.
And now, when R2 aspirants were preparing themselves for a tough day tomorrow, ISB decided to present them a surprise. The results are out well in advance. I really feel pity for the R2 admits. They really missed the day long roller coaster ride which we R1 admits enjoyed.

Congrats all the admits.. to begin with Rehan, Alok, Yash, Vibhor, Priya, Disha(2nd Disha in ISB Co07).....

And for those who didnot make it... remember that..." Sometimes if you dont get something which you think you deserved, dont lose heart, because soon you will realise that it was a wonderful stroke of luck"

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Anonymous said...

what is R1 and R2?