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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Do you get the best out of your gym? If no, here is a small foolproof formula. Involve in some skirmish in your office. And see the magical effect in the gym.
It was a rainy day today and I had decided to bunk the gym until I picked up a fight in the office, with this fellow who is designated as the CE (the highest "sailing" post in the engine room side for a vessel). I will not get into the details of the fight in this post but it did turn out ridiculous. I kept on wondering if it was really worth to create such a scene in the office but in the present maturity level I find no way to deal with such people who bask under the misconception that they are the best. May be ISB will teach me a couple of lessons on "conflict management". Anyway, that is for future and I will limit myself to the present. After the fight, I decided to drop in the gym for sometime. And trust me, I could run extra miles, could lift extra weights, could do more push ups and what not.
One of the best days in gym after one of the worst days in office....The deal is not that bad!!!!!!

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