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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is the perfect day to think about certain abstract nouns- those allpowerful nouns which dictate human emotions and actions. However, I limit my discussion only to the kind of emotion that exists between the adams and eves (man is a social being and let every adam choose only one eve and vice versa) of this world.
I was wondering if love, or rather "platonic" love is a real concept. The researchers on "love" have defined so many complex theories that I will just confuse my concepts if I go through those theories. Is "lust" a part of this love or another completely distinct entity. Is it possible for a couple to "just" love each other without any lust? If no, then what role does lust play in a successful relationship? If yes, then is it possible for the couple to abstain from carnial desires?
In either cases, what are the expectations from the relationship? What is "crush"? Is it "crush" that develops into so called "true love" (given the chance and oppurtunity). In such a case a milder version of lust (physical attraction) is the basis of love. Does this suggest that the lust is the harbinger of love? Or that lust gets transformed into love? In the modern day concept of "dating" where couples stress a lot on the "compatibility" factor as a precursor of the next stage of relationship, is love redefined as mere "adjustment"? Is love finite? Or is it infinite? Is it possible that the love between two persons die out with time? What is the unit of love? Is it a very complex function of all other human emotions?
Completely confused.....Can some wise being help me find a simple answer to all these complex questions.

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Venkat said...

Interesting post Sabya---i guess u just have to trust ur instincts--or "gut feel" if u think its love it is!!(what the hell just believe it :) )

and let me know if find a serious answer

All the best