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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Finally the day ended. One of the rare days of my life, when I had to receive three phone calls at the same time. Normally I hate office days just after a set of holidays. But, now that I am going to do an MBA, I think I should start appreciating such days.

So I should like to close down the "Why MBA" topic with the following "whys".Let the "whys"be limited to the job environment only at this stage of discussion.

1. To make better decisions in the office.
2. And thus win the confidence of people (includes all the people who matter to you).
3. And thus increase your confidence level.
4. And thus accept bigger challenges with greater alacrity.
5.And thus gain better access to the higher levels of work and management.
6.To make better decisions again, this time in a completely different set up.
6.And thus earn more influence, power and money (depending on what your aspirations are).
7.And thus quote yourself "successful".

But all the "whys" (except point 1) are not so independent in nature. (The "And thus......" factor is always there to torment).

So lets hope that our MBA can provide us the ability to take better decisions (than what we could have done without an MBA). Otherwise this degree will be limited to our CV which is nothing more than a piece of paper.

Now that "Why MBA" discussion is over from my side, we can digress from this topic. Looks like "Rang de Basanti" is a great movie. A "must see" when I get back to India after a month.

Now I have to cook, eat, complete the pending office work, make calls back home, and finally get to the bed.

Bye for now. (oops, whats this sound.....)

Oh .......nooo. I had boiled eggs for my dinner. Looks like the water got dried, the egg got fried and the kettle is so angry with me that it will never agree to boil eggs for me. Poor me, have to get a new kettle now. I am such a bad cook........

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