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Thursday, February 09, 2006


She is beautiful. She has a charm which very few can match. She has spent so many days in the yard with me and certainly I cannot let her leave this place without going outside for a date. So I have decided to give all of my time and energy to her this weekend. I am sure she will behave herself and will satisfy all the requirements. Time is so less and so much to do. Just not possible to avoid sleepless nights.But no choice.

So guys and gals, wish all the best to this lovely lady for her "sea trials". Just to mention something about "sea trials"....It is the first time the virgin beauty (a newly constructed ship) enters the high seas to ensure that everything is perfect with her. After sea trials, she will return back to the yard for a week for the final countdown. And then one fine day, she will say me goodbye to head for her real destination. And I will be there on the shore wishing her all the best.

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