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Thursday, February 16, 2006


If I were asked to give the ISB interview again and the question of "whats your hobby" creeps in then guess what my answer is going to be? Reading blogs. I never used to read blogs until last year when I started thinking about b-schools. But now things are different.

I have almost lived the life of an ISBian minus the hardwork in this process. The excitement, the enthusiasm, the booz parties, the movies, ELP projects, exchange students, long lasting friendship, departing notes.... the list is endless. And I feel as if I were really a part of all this.

My four years in IIT Madras went fast, yet I could measure the speed of time. However time didnot allow me to keep a track on its speed for the last four years. I still cannot believe that I will soon be completing four years of job life, which is almost the same amount of time I spent in IIT. And when I think that next year this time, I will be graduating from ISB, I really feel something within my heart- something which creates a strange emotion within me. The year will be marked with new friends, fantastic people, novel ideas and great oppurtunities but like every other year, it too will come to an end. Hope 2006 turns out to be the year to cherish for all the admits.

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