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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Markstrat, Decision Modeling, Crystal Ball, Optimization, Simulation, Competitive strategy, Macro-economics….these are the catch words of term-2. Term-2 looks extremely number-oriented where we have to get to know stuff through software and simulations.
Professors are interesting but we do miss the likes of Bob, Mark and Rakesh. TAs have a great role to play this term in helping us learn all these simulation games and software usage. The number and frequency of assignments is not likely to spare the weekdays, forget the weekends. If the ISB schedule is taken as reference, then I can safely move on to say that life was like a long holiday before I joined ISB.
Well…. Term-2…Lectures of the last two days have made sure that you are all set to rule our lives….with unchallenged supremacy.

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