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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today, I want to sit down for a while and try to forget that I am running this long marathon with 420 smart people. I need to look back for a while to realize what kind of week was that- the first week of Term-2.
I had promised myself that just before sleeping every night, I should devote myself fifteen good minutes to type down my thoughts for imaginations. But the very definition of “night” is distorted. Definitely morning 5 a.m. cannot be classified under the definition of night.
But every dark cloud has a silver lining” (Now, I am an optimist…. So don’t come back saying to me that “this is this silver lining that kills”.
The “Commanding Height” series (forms a part of the Global Economics) was screened a couple of days back and I wanted so much to write about it. I wanted to write about how John Maynard Keynes decided to walk with time and win all the laurels during his era. I also wanted to talk about how Friedrich von Hayek who was just lucky to live long enough to witness the effectiveness of his theories, which were not given due respect when they were written. But, this thing called “MARKSTRAT” won’t allow me to write about these legends in this post.
I also wanted to talk about Margaret Thatcher and all the “Thatcherism” that is associated with the latest British revival. The more I read about Thatcher, the more I feel that characters of the likes of Dagny Taggarts do not exist only in the complicated world of Ayn Rand. But again I cannot sit down at the moment and write down lines from the inspirational speeches of Margaret at this critical moment of my ISB life. But I do promise to come back with both these topics in my subsequent posts.
Have to log back to Term-2 schedule now….Sometimes I do really wonder the real intention of making life so complicated when it was cruising along so smoothly. But next moment, I feel that if we don’t face rough waves, we cannot appreciate the pleasure of sailing in calm seas. That’s the consolation at the moment with long and complicated assignments lined up for the rest of the day and also the night.

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