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Thursday, June 15, 2006


What I mentioned in my last post was a "low-pixel" (let me coin this word for the purpose of this post) snapshot of the real picture of Term-2. Let me post a clearer image of what subjects are supposed to be covered in Term-2.

1) Competitive Strategy: Strategy is a mix of all the management principles applied at one go. Competitive strategy is most likely targeted to introduce the basics of strategy.Course content includes a huge collection of case studies, strategical methodologies and selected chapters from various journals and books. Prof. Gurneeta Vasudeva will be associated with 1st half of the term.

2) Decision Models and optimisation: This course includes a whole lot of mathematical concepts to solve management problems. Linear programming, statistics, network flow, transportational problems, decision analysis, price financial options trade offs under uncertainty are amongst the numerous technical terms that I find in the course content. Prof. Sandeep Juneja has already completed two out of the five classes of his quota.

3) Marketing Decision Making: The Markstrat game form the heart of this course. Case studies and plenty of theoretical concepts are lined up apart from the high-profile "Markstrat". Prof Pradeep Bharadwaj is midway through the Markstrat manual already!

4) Global Economics: This course should help us a great deal in appreciating all those interesting things happening in global business and how important a role macro-economics plays in the global arena. Prof. Krishna Kumar has been doing an amazing job in helping us develop that "initial liking" for the subject.

I will write more about these courses as the term progresses with all its ruthlessness.

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