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Friday, June 30, 2006


I realize that I have slightly moved away from the ISB life since the last few mails. So let me reserve this post to provide an idea how things are shaping up in ISB. The best thing is that we are done with the mid term examinations. This is implicative of the fact that, it is changeover time for the professors too. Professor Raju is back again for “Marketing Decision Making”. His lectures are as brilliant and insightful as ever. “Competitive Strategy” introduced us to another Professor who is also set to leave a mark in our minds. This is Professor Akbar Zaheer….I wonder if anyone can forget that lecture he delivered on Mergers and Acquisitions based on the Cisco case. Professor Ravi and Professor Milind who are assigned “Global Economics” and “Decision Models and Optimization” are quite impressive too.

Coming back to the professional clubs, I must say that these clubs are pretty active now. As for me, I find myself in the core group of EMO group (Energy, Manufacturing and Operations Club). That demands lot of hard work and enthusiasm, especially when these clubs are very much responsible for placement related activities as well as hosting guest lectures. I am just a silent spectator in the Consulting club and Real estate club.

Another thing of importance is the formation of the admissions task force for the class of 2008. Seems just like yesterday…when we were busy with the apping process. But now it is time for the class of 2008 to apply. Those of you speculating to apply to ISB for the class of 2008, should visit to gather further information on the deadlines and align your schedules accordingly.

Now that studies, clubs and admissions are done with, let me inform about a mega event…the “Editors’ Round Table” that is scheduled tomorrow afternoon. Further details are available on this link

Football fever is running high amongst the ISBians now, especially when mid terms are just concluded and the Germany-Argentina thriller is in progress. Let me find out how the situation is now.

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