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Monday, June 05, 2006


Just a few hours left for the end terms..... and what I am doing? Perhaps not the best time blog....But definitely it is not a good idea not to mention this moment. The night before the first end terms cannot be missed.
Just a couple of days.... thats the time frame I had to study for the end terms. The long list of assignments were submitted by Friday night, and Saturday and Sunday were completely devoted to the end term preparation.
It is past midnight and I still I feel it is early in the evening. Thats the biggest change ISB life has brought in my life. Since the last two days, I had no option but to study.....and study in a manner which I had never done before. Never before did I study till 3 am in the morning. Yet not confident enough to face the exams. Nor can I continue to study in the present frame of mind.
The books and notes are already packed and it is time to listen to some great watch the cricket write drop a couple of mails.... and finally get to bed....

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