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Thursday, June 08, 2006


CA by profession..a singer by passion....NA, the seniormost member of the quad is also the highest GMAT scorer in the quad. NA is traditionally a Guju and worked in both family leather industry and American Express before he joined ISB. His passion for singing is only matched by his hunger for grades. If anyone from the quad holds a chance to come somewhere close to the deans list, then this has to be NA.

NM...One more CA...again from Delhi. This person is a kid at heart and we just cannot help our laughter when he comes to NA and asks him...." too plan to learn how to smoke a cigarette". Often you can find him busy with the phone or a mobile for hours together...for obvious reasons. Often dunked in the pool, due to his arbit CPs in the class....and he loves it. NM worked for KPMG before he joined ISB.

SC...This cool dude from Mumbai is the youngest of the quad. With an undergraduate degree in management, he worked for PWC before he got affected by the MBA bug. Widely popular amongst the fairer sex in ISB, SC has mastered this precious art of balancing time and prioritization of activities.

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