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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Dear “Term one”,

One and a half month ago, I was introduced to you by numerous people around as the toughest of all the terms, not because of the rigor content, but because of the “transition effect” that people face. I am not in a position to judge the validity of the statement as I am yet to face any other term.
Well, tough it was ….but life is much more than the last week night outs. You introduced me to things and concepts, which I will appreciate throughout my life. You introduced me to people, who are so close to me now. You made me enjoy certain subjects which I used to hate so much. You made me realize the value of all those moments which were strictly my own. You helped me take further decisions in aligning my career aspirations.

Now, it is time to say you good-bye. And I do feel great satisfaction in doing that. After all, I am 12.5% MBA (under the assumption that I clear the exams), and you are responsible for that. No exams…no assignments…no surprise quizzes. Life will be a real treat for the next few days. No wonder, it is party time in ISB. The number of parties scheduled will compensate the drought that ruled the last couple of weeks. After all, we need to recharge ourselves to face Term 2.

Thanks Term1…. For all the great memories you have given me…..You will always be missed.


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