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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Today, I realized something which can have great practical significance in future.
As I was walking down the busy market area (in Bhubaneswar) today, I saw a sweet stall with a very unusual name. Normally sweet stalls in this area are always the branded ones selling popular sweets of the likes of “kaju ka barfi”. But here is a shop with the name of a very remote village of Orissa. At the first instant I was wondering if this shop invited any customers. But a closer look into the shop suggested otherwise. In fact the people in charge of this shop were really having a busy time. Also this shop specialized only on a few varieties of sweets- typical to that remote village. And yet, this shop is giving all the branded stalls a fairly good competition.
The interesting thing was that only two people handled the complete affairs of this stall. As I enquired further into the details of this stall, I realized that both the people who are running this shop are joint owners of this stall. And both belong to the same remote village.
One of them used to make these same sweets to cater to the needs of the village. But he was never satisfied with his life as the amount of money he was earning was barely enough. The other person was more adventurous and was exploring the opportunities available in the town. He had started his living as a road side “panipuri cum dosa” vendor.
But fortune has better things stored for both this people, who decided to come up with a plan to start a sweet stall specializing in sweets which were typical to their village. Only difference was that, the stall is now located at the one of the busiest market places of the capital city of the state. Over the last couple of years this stall has turned out to be one of the most popular sweet stalls of the town. And here the owners are......... earning more than what a top MBA school grad will end up earning.
Sometimes such real life success stories provide great lessons and inspirations. Sometimes we can learn so many things just by taking a closer look at the world around us.


Kunjal, Chandra and Kumar's World said...

I am reading your blog on regular basis and every episode leaves me wanting for more. Keep it up buddy.



thanks Kumar....