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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Four years back, around this time of the year, I was one of the most confused beings on the planet. It was the final semester of my B.Tech and the usual problems...Which career path to chose...Shall I go for an MS.....Or shall I accept the software job and try for CAT the next year.....Or shall I look for a branch job in shipping... But is it possible to get a decent branch job?.. When did the last alumnus from the department go for one?....Hell lot of questions...... The only branch jobs which I could have got were those of some Indian yards... But when did these Indian yards last build a ship?... And of course the moolah part was always there to haunt..........Can I throw away one of the most lucrative software offers to join one of the Indian yards..... These questions continued until something of a kind of miracle happened and I got through one of the dream offers in international shipping.
Now that I am a part of this extremely passionate maritime industry, I feel it is a good idea to share my thoughts and experience. So the next series of posts will be devoted to two of the very basic questions that enter into the mind of a person who aspires to work in the elusive maritime sector.
1) Who are the major players in the maritime sector?
2) What career options are available in the maritime sector?

Will be back to provide an indepth analysis of the first question.

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