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Monday, March 06, 2006


So finally... I am back in home after 8 months. In these eight months,I found myself working in S.Korea, China, Spain, Belgium and Netherlands. Great countries, great places. And I suddenly miss all the action and fun. But there is a different charm of being in home.

Life in home is so different.Unlike the busy mornings in office, a typical morning at home begins at the conventional mid day with a lovely breakfast( may be "lunch" is the right word) followed by discussions on usual topics like marriage, girls etc. And I have to really work hard to present the correct specification. I have this uncanny ability to confuse people ( or so they say) and its really interesting to apply this principle in home.....And now that I have confused all the people who "were" interested to see me taking 7 pheres, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

I read about President Bush's visit to ISB, and it was really inspiring. "Bush-haters" please forgive me as I am a big admirer of this man and his views on India. And I really envy the class of 2006 to have the honour to host Bush.

Time to go out....Will get back with some detail post tomorrow.

(PS: I am reachable on 9937223692)

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