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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It is so difficult to forget those undergraduate days. Every time I think about those days, I feel as if those days existed a couple of days back. Four years of ones life is no small period and if these four years includes two teenaged years and two more after that, I wonder if the sweetness of the period can be replicated. Those friends (so difficult to make such friends later in life…..), frolic (definition is so wide that …), night outs (for obvious reasons….), movies (I wonder if I spared any …….), crushes (IIT Madras is definitely not the best place to have many crushes, but still I had my share...) and mugging sessions (the last thing I was really interested in….) will always remain very clear in memories.
This place would not have been such a great place without my batch mates and hostel mates. It is really difficult to mention out all the names but a special thanks to the following people (profs not included), whose names are synonymous with my experience of IITM. As I type down your designations, I can realise how much life has changed for all of us.

Apurva (Presently Offshore designer, Keppel’s, Singapore)
Sameer (PhD Student, Simons Rochester)
Kanu (PhD Student, MIT)
Deb (Civil Engineer, Florida)
Vyom (Surveyor, ABS)
Priya (Second year MBA IIM Cal)
Harish (Phd Student, MIT)
Ayush (PhD Student, Purdue)
Anup (PhD Student, Virginia Tech.)
Kishore (PhD Student, OSU)
Vishal (PhD Student, Idaho)

Well, the list is really long…. And I better restrict them to my memory.
However, my sincere wishes to all those people who took the same path from hostel to the departments, who appreciated all those great movies at OAT, who enjoyed the same Saarang, and yet, look so different now. But one thing can never change - "the spirit of IITM".

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