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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Now that shipping majors are done with, I think I can come to the exclusive zone of the oil majors. Almost all the oil majors hold respectable positions in the Fortune 500 list. Starting from oil exploration to international trade, nothing is spared by these giant organisations.

Be it independent governments or nations, be it shipping companies and financers, or be it environmental regulatory bodies...oil majors deal with almost the complete range of maritime extent. No wonders, almost all possible job profiles can be explored within these companies.

While companies like BP, Shell, Totalfinalelf have headquarters in UK and Europe, those like Chevron Texaco are US based. Not to forget our very own Reliance energy, ONGC and IOCL.
Quite a bit of travelling is reserved for the employees of such organisations and rising within the heirarchy level of an oil major can be one of the most satisfying experiences of one's career.

I will close this post now....not because I feel the discussion on oil majors is over, but because no amount of article can be successful in providing an complete analysis of the domain of oil majors.

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