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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Whenever I look up towards the cloudless night sky, my eyes reflexively try to locate the visible constellations. Although I am not an avid star gazer, yet I derive immeasurable satisfaction from these constellations. Indefinite vastness has always been a source of inspiration for me and when I look at the night sky I can feel a sense of mystical appreciation for the beauty of Gods creation. Years move ahead, life gets new dimensions, relationships get redefined, prospectives get refined, priorities get modified.....yet when I look up I am amazed to find the same set of constellations......these constellations never agree to relocate their positions. And at times, these constellations bring back memories which have long erased from recent memory and take us through the corridors of the past. Those sweet moments will never come again.....but as long as these constellations dont change their position, I can always relive the past.

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The ANALyst said...

Beautiful post! While, I haven't seen the night sky from the middle of the ocean, I have seen it from the middle of the desert and there are few things more beautiful