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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Let me reserve this post for my family and my childhood friends.

Not many people will disagree with me on the fact that one’s family and relatives are the biggest treasures that any human being can possess. It is great to play various roles within a family – as a son, as a brother, as a cousin, as a nephew, as a husband (I am yet to play this role….so not much idea of the complexity of this role) and a plethora of others role at the same time. Perhaps family is the only place where an individual can be “just himself/herself”. And like most of you, I can safely go on to say that “I am the luckiest guy on this planet” as far as family is considered. No wonder, the moments I get to spend in my home are the greatest moments of my life.

As I look deeper into the lost moments of my life into my school days I can easily recollect the great moments I spent with my childhood friends. Unfortunately, most of them are completely out of touch now. However, I will like to thank Sovan, Tapas, Piyush, Prashanth, Sarthak, Rudra, Deepti and all the DAVites, who were so much a part of my life a decade ago and so much a part of my memories today,…………. for all those fun-filled memorable moments of childhood. And a special mention of Tapas whose life story is so similar to the story line of “Lakshya”. Kudos to you, Captain Tapas.

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