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Saturday, March 25, 2006


So finally the ISB welcome kit is in my hands. And the alarm clock also. With just a couple of weeks left before I enter the corridors of ISB, I find myself a bit excited as well as a bit nervous. “Excited” because ISB is really great place to live for a year and “nervous” because I am not in touch with formal studies for quite some time.

The profiles of the incoming students are simply amazing. Most of them have amazing work experience, and in many cases this work experience is backed up with master’s degrees from the top universities of the world. Most of the people have great GMAT scores and have decided to choose ISB over other good universities. The profile details will soon be in the website of ISB and I need not go through them now. The diversity that their experience will bring in will definitely have a great impact during the class discussions and group studies. I was under the impression that there are not many people from the maritime sector but the admission committee and the rising number of aspirants from this sector has proved me wrong. There are quite a number of people from ship manufacturing, ship operations and merchant navy.

With the courses list already declared, I am proud to say that I am going to learn from the people who are the best in business education. For years to come, I can boast of being a student of some of the most respected business minds of the globe. I just hope that I can play the role of a worthy student. Anyway, that is for time to answer.


Kishore said...

Am there dude from Ship Building


they are Capt. Vinay, Chief Officer Nehra... many many more ... lets hope we have rocking time in ISB

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you. Its good to see representation of the shipping industry beyond fleet operations executives.
Sidharth Mishra

Anonymous said... u belong to shipping...