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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Incentives are important before we decide to start something and no sane person in the right frame of mind can deny this. I had certain incentives when I started this blog, and it is a great sense of satisfaction to see the number of visitors cross the five digit mark.
The first eight months of ISB travelled with the speed of light and with whatever little free time I had, I have tried to pen down my experience of being a part of the ISB system.
The period spanning the next few months will be decisive for the students. The decision of a day can change the whole direction of life. Excitement will be at its peak. Great success stories will be scripted. Luck can a play a great role in such stages of life.
I will try to capture as much of this excitement as possible as the roller coaster ride enters its peak. However, I do value the feedback of the readers of the blog and hope to get some suggestions on issues, I need to include in the future posts.

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