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Friday, November 10, 2006


Congrats and best of luck for the final round. You have been hearing this through out the day, but this time the person who said so is very different from the others. He is one of the nine people with whom, you will competing on a fateful day for a much sought after job …..for a company which is ranked number one in its industry.. ….for a role, that can pave the doors of opportunity for you…..and in a country which has defined the definition of beauty and romanticism.
No one knows which amongst these nine people will be lucky enough on that particular day. Only for those, who make it on the final day, it matters coming all the way long, after grueling interviews. Losing in the last round is as good as not being selected for the first round itself. Either you make it or you break it. But, this is life….the irony of life. The reward is only stored for the person who makes it to the last winning spot.”

Such thoughts filled my mind as I was walking back to my quad after dropping the assignments in the drop box.
As I looked up, I saw the clear sky…. the occasional clouds were missing too. The moon looked even more beautiful than ever. And the stars were twinkling even brighter. Everything looked so beautiful….so solacing.....providing the determination and inspiration to remain optimistic...till the end


Anonymous said...

"Losing in the last round is as good as not being selected for the first round itself"....totally disagree with that...the experience is invaluable


From a philosophical viewpoint, I do agree.
But from the materialistic and short term gain purpose..I donot agree...Sabya