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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Each passing day is adding extra tinges of excitement. The nascent placement fever has now given way to devotional commitment on the part of the class of 2007. The interviews of DB, GS, H are in progress while those of IC (Italian Cement Giant) and N (Swiss pharma leader) are scheduled towards the end of the term. Certain companies prefer years of experience while others prefer the younger ones... with perfect logic to substantiate their stances.
Normally the manufacturing/heavy industry based giants offering a wide range of roles prefer experienced people for the diversified roles. Experience in such cases ranging from four years to more than 12 years. IB organisations have been prefering students with few but relevant experience. Also the locations offered looks very much diversified...not limited to the UK, US or Europe. One of the companies, in fact requires professionals for locations like Egypt and Kazakhastan.
This is just the beginning of all the excitement, nervousness and a new wave of enthusiasm. If this is the situation now, I can well imagine, how the heat will be in February, the month which is devoted for the real placements.

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