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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The dining period is nowadays occupied with heavy placement oriented talks. Tonight, the dinner table added two other names H (a European Cement giant) and N (a Swiss Pharmaceutical giant) to the existing BT, DB and GS fever. The Citibank scholarships were declared and four very able people are amongst the happiest people in the campus. After listening to all the interesting and ambitious stories, I finally came to my quad, completed the pending assignments and as I was just about to sleep, I decided to give a look at the orkut scraps.

And perhaps the most unique scrap till date “the lucky charm hangs in my room happy and making happy”

And this scrap is from one of my friends of good old IIT days……and I am getting in touch with him after four long years……after four very defining years…….of his life. Let me write something about the "silent monk".

After I completed a year of my job, I had been to IIT Madras and that was the last time I had met him…..and perhaps that was the time he was gripping with the most difficult days of his life. I talked with him for sometime and then handed him over an oriental lucky charm, made of wood. I came back from IIT and moved on to my next assignment.

And today, after a long time….the scrap reminded me of a lot of things….it reminded the precision of the guitar of the silent monk…I am yet to meet any person from IIT Madras who can play the strings better….After years of hard work, dedication and courage to put aside all the personal sorrows he faced, today silent monk is very close to success….I mean the real passionate success which very few people are lucky to enjoy. He is just about to get his first big break into the world of music.
It was such a wonderful feeling to read his journey of last four years…..passion, dedication, ambition…..and relentless efforts. How can success evade all these qualities?

Thank you so much silent monk for remembering the “the lucky charm”. And I hope it makes you happier and more successful with each passing day.

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