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Monday, November 27, 2006


Often we keep on trying hard to understand our aspirations and expectations. And especially when life is confined to the thought process of a b-school, this problem gets more acute. The collective opinion of peers plays so important a role in Indian b-schools that, at times, people are really confused on which path to follow. And these include people who considered themselves fairly concrete regarding their aspirations.

This fact is so evident when companies post their jobs. At times, the same person applies to different types of job designations ranging from finance to marketing roles of a single company. Often such candidates are rejected and the reason is not at all unpredictable. Multiple applications to a single company should be handled with sufficient care and be designed in a manner that it shouldnot force the recruiter to out rightly reject the candidature of an applicant.

Managing expectations is never an easy task. Temptation to achieve something big often makes people forget their skill sets and interests. Being ambitious is good, but being practical is far more important. Ambitions need to be in sync with capabilities. And the sooner we learn it, the happier we stay in life.

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