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Thursday, November 30, 2006


It was moving exactly in the right direction, but something....something really crucial went wrong. The Indian cricket team which looked invincible just a few months back looks so fragile now. The star studded team looks so ordinary today. Motivation and agression are no longer the constant companions. So what went wrong? why did it go wrong? and what should be done now, especially when the world cup is hardly a few months away?

Losing confidence can be the worst thing that can happen to any person...any team, irrespective of whatever the profession or vocation is. Perhaps, the Indian team is undergoing a stage of lost confidence, from where it can be really tough to plunge back, atleast in near future. It is just unfortunate that all these happened just before the world cup.
And the impatient public is ready to roar as always. They just forget that it is very natural for a team to undergo such stages. West Indies were in a similar situation until the beginning of this year. Pakistan, with all its players in form has picked up all the lost vigour and ruthlessness in its attack. This was not exactly the case a year back. England, which almost overtook Australia is suddenly in doldrums.
It is such a tricky story....the game of cricket...or in that respect, whatever we do in life. We never know when something might go something might go wrong....without any reason. And at every stage, we need to be prepared for these kind of eventualities...from where it takes only courage and determination to fight back. The cyclical reversal of fortune is always there, however the effect of the cycle can be more pronounced at one time than other. And unfortuntely it is neither the sufferer, nor the winner who chooses this time.
Wishing Indian team speedy recovery to form.

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