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Thursday, November 16, 2006


One interesting trend in the international placements posted so far, is stress on general management and strategy roles. L (a European Airlines Company) was the latest in the list to post its job postings and interestingly general management was amongst the roles offered. However unlike the posts of earlier companies, the positions posted by L is more tuned to people with less/no work experience.
Term -5 has already entered its last week. It was the quickest and the most happening term till date. It ignited the excitement in all aspects - course selection, specializations, b-school competitions, placements...
Bidding for Term-6 is over. Three strategy courses and one finance courses is what I plan to complete next term...will provide more details about the courses as I get to know the contents.
One interesting aspect of Term-6 bidding is the fact that the bid for one of the courses "Corporate Mergers and Acquisition" closed at almost 1000 points. Just to remind, the total bidding points allowed is 4000 for more than 16 courses. I had bid only 600 points...and I missed the course. Considering the utility of the topic, I guess I have to do some serious self study to learn the concepts of this topic.

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