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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yesterday evening was fun….met 269A after a year….had met him a year ago when I was about to move to Hyderabad. 269C got married on 12th of this month in Chennai and this was indeed an interesting topic of discussion last evening. Lots of changes in everyone’s life, yet when we meet, it is the same lingo we use…same topics of discussions…same longing eyes trying to search for the past memories… 269A has been staying in Calcutta since the last two and a half years…is already married…and now planning for his MBA…facing the normal set of confusions whether to do MBA in US or India….

The topic of discussions was indeed beyond 269...We talked about how things used to break the moment Ap used to touch Sam will be dealing with his female fans as a professor...what finally forced A to take shower everyday...where will the latest married couple of the batch move to celebrate their honeymoon...who is the richest person of the batch....M's journey to Harvard....blah blah..

BTW…I was 269B….and 269A and 269C were my roommates during first year of engineering.

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