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Monday, April 02, 2007


I have written about all those that transpired in ISB….I wrote about what happened to F-6. I wrote about where two of my quad-mates (NM & SC) are heading to. What I had missed out was the story of NA, my third quad-mate. Well….not without a reason of course.

I knew NA was brilliant from the very first term (undoubtedly he should be in the top ten of the batch….). But what I did not know about him is his amazing ability to handle stress and tolerance for ambiguity. This gentleman, at 32 can work harder than most of the people in the campus. Starting from the family leather business to the super-marts of US….from acting on the stage to achieving a CA degree in the midst of lot of responsibilities…from Wipro to American Express….the kind of experience this guy has collected till date is simply amazing.

He was amongst the top ten….yet none of the top three general consultancies selected him….some said he did not have an educational pedigree (IIT or CA big four blah blah)…others said he is too old for the profile.

Initially this was a shock for him…I still remember the expressions in his face when he informed me that he got the reject mail of the final interview of one of the big consultancies. That evening we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant and spend the evening thinking about life and all the game it plays.

The placement week moved ahead….NA interviewed a few companies and these companies were read to pay him 20L packages. But our man was just not ready to compromise with the role. He did not accept any job and kept the battle on.

Placement week got over…the frequency of companies visiting ISB also reduced….in spite of pressures from all angles, our man decided to keep searching for the dream job. He started contacting alums…met as many people as possible…traveled to Mumbai so many times….but no way he was ready to compromise with his dream.

Finally…as they say...fortune favors the brave…NA is amidst jobs…and not one or two….and all of them fitting so well into his aspirations. He received offers from one of the most revered financial consultancy firm (of the world) and some other offers including corporate banking as well as investment banking…..

This man deserves his success….he deserves every bit of his hard earned success.

Cheers for one of the most amazing persons I have ever met in my life.


Jayan R Nair said...

Inspiring guy..
Wish to meet him once..
Who is this NA??

SABYASACHI said... wont be difficult to find out about NA once you enter ISB...