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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Sooo friends...finally the day has come when I have to say goodbye to ISB. Tomorrow, my laptop will be out of the ISB network...and for the next couple of days, I will busy with the convocation and the final exit formalities. This post is likely to be my last post from ISB....
Many thanks to all the readers of this blog...for all the comments and encouragements.
I will continue to blog even after I leave ISB....lots of things I have always wanted to type down...but never got the time.
Before I say the final Goodbye from is something I will like to say to the Class of 2008
"All the very best for this amazing year you will be spending in this amazing place. Enjoy every moment of that at the time of leaving, you can look back and smile at those wonderful memories."


AD said...

Hey Sabya,

My congratulations to you on acheiving this significant milestone in your personal and professional life.
Your blog was informative not only about ISB (acads + other activities) but also about life in general. You have a different perspectives in life and things.

Looking forward to more posts from you even after ISB.

Wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


Anonymous said...

All the best for a new life dude.. ur blogs have always been very inspiring.. Do keep blogging.. :-)

Anonymous said...

All the best, enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sabya..
All the best for your future journey... I feel ISB-life is really amazaing and it is clearly understood from ur blogs...u did really a great job by posting all the ISB events inspite of ur hectic schedule there..
will miss ur blogs for next few days..keep blogging post-isb life

Jayan R Nair said...

Best of Luck..Sabya

ankur said...

hey dude...

wish you all the best in life...! take care and always remain positive...



Thanks a lot...friends.