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Sunday, April 15, 2007


Class of 2008 started their ride yesterday....was spending some time reading some of the blogs...experienced a kind of vicarious pleasure...I have added links to some of these blogs...will keep on adding more as I discover more of these.

Talked with H today...she is in ISB these days for the orientation week...delivering gyan in marketing and media related fields....Chatted with A...He got his joining date advanced and will start working from tomorrow...Mails are flowing in the alum mail id that was provided to us by ISB...range of topics is huge...from job postings to typical ISB spams...The bonding of this small but well-networked alumni community seems quite interesting.

As for me, I am still to get used to the slow pace of a vacation...will be travelling to Mumbai on June 3rd...quite some time to spend in home.

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