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Thursday, April 19, 2007


From the day, we land up in primary school, we are taught how tolerant we are as Indians. But are we really tolerant as compared to the people of other countries? Simple things like the following give an answer to this issue. I can only limit my examples to those situations with which I am familiar with.

When we drive our vehicles, we know how intolerant we are. Traffic decorum doesn’t carry very appreciable levels.

Another instance is when we react to the success of other people. Even in places like IIT and ISB, when someone cracks a so-called great job, the first reaction that comes out of a reasonable chunk of population is “how can he/she make it to such a job”. At the time of applying to various universities, when someone makes it to a good school, people keep on throwing the same question. I think personal jealousy levels are quite high in India

Even the best of friendships end when people join the same company in somewhat similar roles. Professional life is marked with even higher levels of intolerance. We, as Indians always have a strong ego to live with.

When I read the comments sections of the electronic media, I realize that intolerance level of the people is at an all time high.

We always derive great pleasure when we move ahead of someone and find it difficult to absorb the feeling that someone else is better than us. Individual achievements are often given higher importance than team spirit.

There are number of other such issues of day to day life, which is making me believe that we are not as tolerant as we should be.


Anshuman said...

I agree that intolerance is built into the psyche of indian people but i think this can be seen in a positive way if u c yr batchmate getting a gud job or high grades or an admission into IIM for that eggs u on to achieve those things yrself.. makes u go the extra mile so to say to prove that u r no pushover either..this sort of healthy rivalry is very essential in my view :)


Anshuman... i think what u r trying to say is about competition...and u r correct as well...healthy competition is always good...

Whay I tried to mention was about the "tolerance level"....

Personally I feel that tolerance level should be high to ensure healthy competition

Anshuman said...

yup and i fully agree wid u..
but the point i was trying to make is the world today is so fiercely competitive and the fact that its basic human nature to try to have all the good things in life( ok i'll giv the gurus we see on tv the benefit of doubt ;) ) that we always have to take somebody else's achievements with a pinch of salt.

as in this is not a justification or anything but this is the human psychology these days in my opinion :)
btw mu bhi dav unit 8 ru sabyasachi bhai..u hav got a nice blog..2-3 months ru follow karuchi :)
keep blogging


Anshuman....its really great to meet u through this blog....

So which batch of DAV....

And i guess u r in IIT KGP now....right?

Keep posting comments.

Anshuman said...

ya...i am in iit kgp now..will be passing out in a few weeks time.. passed my 10th from dav unit 8 in 2001..12th 2003 from dav cspur..n then kgp...btw i came across yr blog from yr orkut profile :)