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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Entrepreneurship is always high in the radars of ISB and as a measure of the reflection, the business plan awards were recently given to three very unique business plans from the class of 2007.
1.The First Prize went to a product titled ‘Onbyx’, which enables users to receive and respond to email on their mobile phones in a more convenient way than what is currently available.
2.The second prize went to an idea called ‘Swacch Jaldhara’. The plan had conceptualised an efficient water purification method by using liquid chlorine. The team has further developed the technology to produce chlorine in a highly cost effective manner.
3.The third prize winning business model was “Media on Wheels’.This plan aims to tap into the Rs 2000 crore annual rural advertisement and promotion budget of product and service companies by using innovative content and the latest technology tailored to meet rural needs.
Kudos to all the entrepreneurs in making.

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