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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Certain lessons in life are learnt not by solving numericals....not by doing assignments....but by listening to some extraordinary speakers who can pass on their thoughts to you in a manner that your complete thought process gets modified. After attending the lectures of Jay (Prof. Joseph Russo in Managerial Decision Making) and Jay (Prof. Jay Anand in Strategy implementation), I have started loving strategy more than ever.
Some students say strategy is "no substance", but I feel the lessons learnt in such courses, if properly imbibed are much more valuable for a successful manager than any other course. And when strategy topics are instructed by orators like the "JAY"s, you just cannot afford to miss it.
As Jay (Prof. Anand) puts it
"Undergraduate students are more concerned with grades. Post graduate MBA students with no work experience are more concerned about getting the job. Experienced people who attend the lectures after work ex are concerned about how to implement changes within organization and create a better environment."
A person who has spent a few years in the corporate world is much more likely to appreciate the subtlety of these strategy subjects than somebody who has not experienced substantial work experience.
My tribute to such great teachers...

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