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Thursday, December 07, 2006


1. Our Honorable Prime Minister advised us "Think global, act local".
2. My worst ever performance in any form of exams (and that includes the complete span of my academic career) , as marks of one of the courses of the last term was revealed... was nothing but expected....that concludes how poor I am when it comes to work with numbers ...completely out of touch with numbers for ages now.
3. Dada scored one of the most important innings of his career and perhaps things will look brighter for Indian cricket. What a fighter...this guy is?
4. Term- 6 is almost half way through and it will get over on the New Years day. No midterms for me this time.
5. Placement PPTs are in the process of getting scheduled one after another.
6. Some exchange students have already left and some others are likely to join. Exchange students are so much a part of ISB these days.

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