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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Lately, in one of the classes I have been exposed to this concept called "Framing". In the layman's language, framing is nothing but the mental image given to a practical situation. Different frames provide different perspectives to the same situation. For instance, the frame which a operation person uses to view a problem is vastly different from that used by a marketing professional. This is the reason behind clashes in the two or more viewpoints and smart people know how to deal with such issues.
There is one particular issue, which has confused me. And the issue under debate is "Does luck plays an important role in the success of a person or a venture".
Well, I remember one of the professors of entrepreneurship was very much against the concept of luck. According to him, luck is a concept which is used at hindsight while tracing the career path of a successful person. But somehow, I couldnot agree with him. He looks things from his frame.
There are so many achievements, which are like jackpots. There are so many cases when equally talented people miss out what others so easily get. They follow the same trajectory, but somehow land up in different places. From my frame of understanding, luck does play a fairly important role in our life.
Two different frames...a complicated question...and a confused mind.

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