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Friday, December 15, 2006

CLASS OF 2008 - R1

Exactly a year back, I had the same feeling, when the R1 results were out...seems like yesterday. It is so difficult to believe that one year has passed after that...and this one year has been like a dream...and the closer I come to the fact that we will be leaving ISB soon, the more I appreciate this fact. The R-1 results for the Class of 2008 are out and I wish all the admits a huge congrats. Having said that, I will suggest them to get the best out of life during this period as it will be difficult to expect such a period in life again.
For those who were slighly unlucky on a particular day....not to worry at all....keep the spirit on and soon you can realise that "whatever happens, happens for the good".


Anonymous said...

What would be your advice to those who have been wait-listed? Any recommended actions?

SABYASACHI said... the biggest virtue.