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Friday, September 01, 2006


"Keys to imaginations" didnot get enough contribution from me in Term-3. The reason being I dedicated the time I preserved for blogging to appreciate the creativity of other blogs. I doubt if there is any blog related to ISB and I have not read it.

In this term, I discovered three blogs during this period which possess a creativity, beyond the figments of daily imaginations. Two of these belong to my batch mates while the third one belongs to an amazing friend of mine who is presently undergoing his MBA in INSEAD. The links to these blogs are - Ironic , Dhi only one and Sandith.

While the first two blogs are not very much into the technical details of ISB, but they do possess the freshness of the morning dew mixed with the complicacies of the sweetness of human emotions. Really nice blogs.

Now, coming to Sandith's blog, let me write a line or two about Sandy (as we call him). He was three years my senior in IIT......was my senior colleague during my job...... and more than all these, a great friend. Anyone interested to know about life at INSEAD can follow this blog.

Sometimes, I do admire the power of blogging. Initially I started this blog just to capture my journey in ISB, but it has turned out to be a wonderful networking tool. I have come to know so many people through this blog and hope that the number will only rise with time.


DhiOnlyOne said...

Well, I regard your blog highly and so to get this compliment from you, I am indeed honoured :-)
Thank you!


Dhimant, I should feel honored to have provided the link to your blog. "Dhi only one" with all its creativity and artistic details is a treat to read.